Jayden1092 made this army with Mario on July 3rd. Jayden1092 currently leads the CPWN.

Mario86385CP left the army on July 4 since he was too busy with other blogs he will still be rembered as Creator of this Blog. Mario86385CP said he will come to events if he could.

Vinigar212 was the first one to join he was made Lieutenant General. His Penguin was at first banned for some reason but will be back up.

Gappymcpup joined us and was made Advisor for his skill of keeping track of things and helping the leader a lot.

Legend of the Water NinjaEdit

One day Jayden1092 wanted to make a army and Mario86385CP agreed to help. Little did Jayden1092 know he was going to lead a group of Water Ninjas. Mario quit the day after because of his busy plans he then lost his rank. The first recruit was Vinigar212 who was made 3ic quickly.